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Green Cleaning in Riverside

Kangen Water® “Green Cleaning”

Kangen Water

The term “Green Cleaning” refers to cleaning methods and products with ecologically friendly ingredients designed to preserve human and environmental health. We use the Levelux Super501 Enagic® Kangen Water® Ionizer to make our own organic green cleaning products. The various waters that can be produced by this machine include 8.5-9.5pH Alkaline water for drinking/cooking, tea/coffee; 11.0pH and up for removing grease and grime (from stove, marks on floor, pesticides from vegetables/fruits); 7.0pH clean/purified drinking water (for medicine/baby formula); 4.0-6.0pH acidic water (astringent/firming water for skin, boil noodles, clean glass); 1.1-3.0pH strong acidic water as a disinfectant for germs/bacteria in kitchens/bathrooms, on countertops, etc. A-K Commercial & Construction Cleaning values our planet and strives to reduce waste and toxic emissions. Reusable microfiber cloths and other re-usable materials are employed which get the job done right and are much friendlier for our planet.

It is our belief at A-K Commercial & Construction Cleaning that all efforts put into conserving the environment count towards a healthier population for the future. We are dedicated to the “Green Cleaning” approach and its implementation on a daily basis. Our staff and crews are educated with Kangen Water® cutting edge cleaning products and procedures that will meet the industry standards for “green” cleaning.

San Diego Asks, "Why Green Cleaning?"

  • Improve the indoor air quality
  • Provide a healthier environment for everyone
  • Reduce the need for toxic cleaning chemicals
  • Reduce the amount of employee sick time & costs
  • Reduce waste, no plastic water bottles/delivery service

Our goal has always been immaculate quality and high standards of sanitation for each and every job we do. Thanks to the development over the last number of years, it is now just as effective to use “green” products to sanitize almost any surface versus toxic chemicals. Kangen Water® is our source for a truly green clean.

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